Take it & Go

by Boosh & the Dip

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Jumpy, big band song from B+D's forthcoming release, "The River City Riot Part 1".



I aint come here for no conversation
I just came to make it bump (bump bump bump)
and me and you might take over the nation
just with this, thats in my trunk

so if you really want it baybe, take it and go
tell all the people about it, just let em know
thats what im gone do to the business. take it and go
100% pure

IM TALKEN broadway
put me on the stage and watch me disco

Verse 1:
entiendes lil bro i turn a two step to a tango
with this pen and paper I use my canvas like a dance floor
crazy polack beat up the beat, like sparen sambo
man they got no move they cant go, I hover over the flow like a fan bout

to my shine you wont hold a candle, redirect your solar panel
you ergonomic baby boy, that means you get easily handeled
HEY MISTER let me introduce you to the latst talents
they called boosh and the dip they jam wensdays at the palace

that be my basement suit, aint no vacancy
and picures worth a 1000 but what a person say is cheap
so dont waste my time talken trash, I got a place to be

crazy women say Im crazy I say thats border line
still half the time I say things to leave my mother horified
mortified, bad stuff, glorified
theres no denyen, flow of the time, u know the kind to blow ya mind disco

but that aint no SUBJECT FOR conversation
I just came to make it rain
and you dont have time for no hesitation
we might not see each other again

get the cash and go. as I step foot outside the palace door
got on my glasses tho my hair is all crazy and pants are low
looking completley different from an hour ago
the girls think my parenst are rich, my parents think i sell blow

im hood like spray painted shell toes but fancier then melorse
bloomen like a velvet rose. beutiful, i supose
im the one that stands in the fire as they throw burnen coals
one day theyl undferstand just what I did for them, thats for sho

and lord knows, that my flow is murder like a gang of crows
and your sound is what puts them to sleep. you got them melatones
this sounds like we could earn some gramaphones
and crazy fans on camera phones that wont leave the man alone. can you hear me now

a stange energy in the city now. i came thru. I made you: stoppe sitten there quiet
go start a river city riot in the builden
and when we done the builden we take out of the builden and pour it out on the street

concrete. what you worried bout

aint nothing could happen to us and when we roll out
and show em what we all about this whole city might have a falll out cancel ya plans
the only way we gonna make it is by chance

AND SO this is how we end our conversation
tell me homie what you think
this was some kind iof back door operation
im laughen all the way to the bank. do me a favour bro

take it and go
100 %


released October 12, 2015
Performed by: Boosh & the Dip
Written by: N. Topolski , R. Howse
Produced by: N. Topolski



all rights reserved


Boosh & the Dip Edmonton, Alberta

It's a River City Riot! The wind is still, the feeling is steel , and the energy has never been realer. As the world moves into a new age marinating in disaster and doubt, it is comforting to know that there is a new school group of creative minds working on a solution to the problem. ... more

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